Registration Procedure


  1. When you have read the prospectus and the standard Terms and Conditions, please complete and sign the registration form.  This form must be signed by both parents and then returned to First Place together with the registration fee.  When we receive the registration form for your child together with the registration fee, we will place your child’s name on the waiting list.  It is advisable to register as early as possible after the birth of your child.  Registering does not guarantee a place in the Nursery.  Individual appointments to visit the Nursery are available.

    Priority without guarantee, subject to places being available, will be given to siblings provided they are registered at least three months before the anticipated starting date and whose brother or sister is attending the Nursery when he/she starts.   If parents wish to send siblings to the Nursery we strongly recommend they are registered as soon as possible following birth.

  2. An acknowledgement of receipt of the registration form will be sent.

  3. Confirmation of a place will be sent before the anticipated starting date.

  4. Acceptance of this place and payment of deposit must be made in writing within one week of the offer being made.  Failure to do so will mean the offer of that place will be withdrawn.

  5. Acceptance signifies the parents’ commitment to the place and an agreement to pay three full months fees for attendance as agreed, even if subsequently the child for any reason does not attend the Nursery.

  6. The registration fee is non-returnable in all circumstances.